Man vs. AI - Who will win the Aleph Zero Race?

To celebrate the launch of Imagry’s robust real-time driving policy planner, Aleph Zero, we will be hosting the first ever man vs. AI car race, where you will be able to race against Aleph Zero.


The race will take place at CES in Las Vegas, Jan 9th-11th between at Imagry’s booth, Tech West: Sands Expo (Sands) Stand # 51702 Hall G. Public access to the race will be from 16:00-18:00.


The “best human driver” winner in the Aleph Zero Race will be announced at Imagry’s LinkedIn at the end of the race. The winner will be awarded with the renowned GeForce GTX 1060, provided by NVIDIA.


Got what it takes? Join the Aleph Zero Race!

Meet us at CES 2018

Meet us at CES

You are invited to meet us at CES and see our autonomous car driving using cameras-only, which amounts to a fraction of the cost of traditional Lidar, Radar &HD GPS-based solutions.

Schedule time with our team to learn about our vision for the next level of autonomous driving by email

Have only few minutes? jump to our booth to say hi and take a glimpse of our demos (Sands Expo Stand # 51702 Hall G, Eureka Park marketplace).


See you in Vegas !

Come and meet Imagry at the Embedded Vision Summit in Santa Clara California, May 1-2, 2017

Imagry is proud to have an impressive presence in the Embedded Vision Summit 2017 *:

First, Adham Ghazali, Imagry’s CEO and co-founder will talk about “Edge Intelligence: Visual Reinforcement Learning for Mobile Devices”. In this talk we will tackle a major challenge of real-life visual data, which encompasses a tremendous amount of information and presents a huge challenge for the design and development of a perceptual engine.

Additionally, Imagry is proud to be selected as a finalist in the 2017 Embedded Vision Summit Vision Tank. The Vision Tank is the Embedded Vision Summit’s exciting start-up competition, in which five computer vision start-up companies present their innovations to a panel of investors and industry experts!

*       The Embedded Vision Summit is the only event focused exclusively on the hottest topic in the electronic industry today: deployable computer vision. More than 1000 engineers, executives, marketers, investors, and analysts will gather in Santa Clara, California to explore deployable computer vision technology and business opportunities in depth.

Looking for Embedded Vision solution? Meet Imagry at CES 2017

poster_imageposter_imageWe are very excitedposter_image to showcase for the first time in the legendary CES Show.

We will demonstrate in the show an innovative solution for embedded vision, that will turn any kind of device into more responsive, intelligent,  autonomous and easier to use.

Seeing is believing! Schedule a meeting with us ( or jump to our booth (Tech West, Sands, Hall G – 51038, Eureka Park marketplace).

See you in Las Vegas !

The Autonomy Autostrada

What are you waiting for? Use our revolutionary technology. Put your machine on the autostrada and turn it into a smart device.

Autonomous vehicles are one of the most exciting robots that we are going to use in the nearest future.  We’re all looking forward for the huge transformation that the autonomous vehicles will make on our economy, mobility and on our society.

Cloud vision solutions are relevant for many types of applications but they are inherently inadequate for portable devices due to the fact that large amounts of data have to be synchronized and analyzed in real time. To turn the autonomous devices vision into reality, the devices should be able to understand the visuals in real time and locally without the need for internet connectivity.

Imagry is building a large scale image and video understanding engines that will work in real time and locally on any kind of device, with low battery consumption. Lately we introduced a ground breaking technology that will accelerate the execution of this concept – the BIT Technology-. Such technology speeds up the runtime of conventional Deep Neural Networks 16 times, thus giving any device the “brain” to understand visual information in real time.

By providing businesses with an easy to use web embedded-engine creation tools the autostrada to autonomous devices is up and running.

Not in the far future, we will see many businesses that will join this exciting ride and will build all types of applications that will turn the 50 billion connected devices that are projected by 2020 to autonomous devices.