Imagry is a machine learning startup that has developed a visual recognition engine that can be embedded in any device.  We at Imagry are driven by two fundamental principles: Smart cameras, particularity vision enabled, are crucial enabling elements of today’s autonomous machines, and mobile computer vision applications can only be possible at the edge device, running right behind the cameras recording the input. Imagry combines Cognitive Psychology with state-of-the-art technology in Deep Learning and has invented techniques to scale visual recognition while at the same time keeping the computational footprint very low.

Imagry is an artificial intelligence research company. Our goal is to advance computer vision technology as a primary building block for visual intelligence.

Cross platform

We provide software development kits for iOS, Android, Linux and Windows. Our engines can be easily deployed on your product regardless of your platform.

Custom engine creation

Use our Engine Customization platform to turn our engines into yours with 3-clicks. Our platform excels in its fast and accurate engine customization, enabling you to add up to 200 categories in less than 20 minutes.

Real time embedded vision

See as you walk. Our super-fast engines enable on-device real-time understanding of visual information, enabling you to detect objects on your laptop, mobile or wearable, as it is streamed.

Video and image recognition

Whether your data is a set of images, or streams of videos, our robust accurate engines are there for you. We provide image and video dedicated engines, enabling you to fully utilize your visual data at hand.

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